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What Makes Your Company a Great Place to Work?

Hallmarks That Make You Attractive to Top-Quality Candidates

More so than ever, the best candidates are looking for a great place to work. And in the current economy, the companies with the characteristics of a good organization are likely to attract the most talented people.

Yes, you must offer a competitive salary with a good benefits package; and offering challenging work with structured self-development and career progression is certainly attractive to the most motivated candidates. But is it enough in today’s job market?

Here are seven company cultural traits that will help sell your roles to the highest-quality candidates.

You Have Meaningful Mission, High Values, and Relatable Purpose

You know who you are, what you do, and why you exist. And your employees are fully aligned with your mission, values, and purpose. You develop strategies that are motivated by your vision, and empower your employees to help create the process by which this vision will be achieved.

You Provide Meaningful Work

A great workplace encourages its people to do work that is meaningful to them, personalizing tasks to what individuals like most and do best. And you ensure that your employees know where their contribution fits into the big picture.

Your Leaders Practice What They Preach

Your leaders are engaged by your values and purpose. They are passionate advocates of your mission, and enthusiastic supporters of your vision. They are committed to their employees and the achievement of individual and collective goals. They inspire, coach, and motivate action.

You Blend Tradition with Innovation

Your workplace is one where tradition is significant, and it supports innovation. You provide autonomy to employees to improve processes and working practices, without forgetting your company’s history and heritage. You have a positive reputation and brand, and recognize the contribution of your employees to this ─ as well as to the quality of your products and services.

Your Focus Is on Your Employees

The health and wellbeing of your employees is as important to you as the work they do. You demonstrate this in your culture and the range of benefits you provide. Work/life balance isn’t a fad that will disappear for you. It’s a concern that you share with your employees. You regularly seek feedback from your people about how they feel about their work, and you act to improve based upon your findings.

You Communicate Openly and Honestly

Your culture ensures open and honest communication, empowering your people to share their ideas and concerns. Your leadership team is visible and approachable, and keep your employees informed about your company’s future. You have regular team meetings, send company newsletters, and keep your people informed of available opportunities.

You Hire High Performers

Hiring is a critical step in maintaining and growing a successful business. It’s crucial that you hire the right people who will add value and improve your teams. Employees who are high performers will bring in new skills and increase innovation within your organization, improve collaboration, and company morale.

Are You Hiring the Best People?

Is this the type of company you are? Then you should be hiring and retaining the best people.

If you’re finding it challenging to attract the aerospace talent you need, let us help you. We’ll begin by understanding you, your culture, and your strategic goals. We’ll help you develop a hiring strategy that supports your goals, and ensure we present only the absolute best and most closely-matched candidates to you.

These are tough times for hiring the talent you need to help you grow. But with the right staffing agency on your side, you can-not only improve your business, but also reinforce your commitment to your existing employees by the quality of the people you hire.

To find your perfect hiring solution, contact Precision Personnel today.

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