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What’s the Best Hiring Strategy: Laser-Guided Missile or Scattergun Approach?

The Pros and Cons of Two Very Different Hiring Methods in Aerospace Jobs

You’re hiring for aerospace jobs. You want talent fast. What’s the best hiring strategy to locate and hire the skills you need?

The scattergun approach sounds fast-paced. The missile sounds accurate. One thing you know for sure: you can’t afford to get it wrong. Too slow, and you’ll suffer costly voids of talent. Too broad, and you’re at risk of a costly, poor hire and damage to your workforce.

Here, we examine the two different approaches, so you can execute the perfect hiring strategy for your aerospace jobs.

The Scattergun Approach

Let’s first look at the scattergun theory. You create a dynamic job ad, and post it far and wide. The goal is to attracts lots of applicants, in the hope that at least one will prove to be a good candidate.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages to consider.


The sole advantage to the scattergun approach is that you should attract lots of applications. The idea is that you will benefit from a wider choice of candidates. Great in theory, but what does this mean in practice?


Use the scattergun strategy with caution:

  • Candidates tend to be lower quality because you haven’t homed in on your exact requirements
  • Waste of management time to review applications and resumes
  • Requires lots of management time to conduct interviews
  • Hires tend to be lower quality, and this damages your team and organization

The Laser-Guided Missile Approach

How does the laser-guided missile approach to hiring work? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Preparation and time spent is key to identifying the role and skills, and ensuring details are concisely outlined. This laser focus also requires recruitment expertise to execute successfully.


Here are the game-changing reasons you must consider the laser-guided missile strategy:

  • Fewer, But Much Higher-Quality Candidates

Posting your ad with specialist aerospace recruiters (and other role-specific arenas such as forums) means only those skilled and qualified for the role will apply.

High volumes of poor-quality candidates can slow your hiring process, as you spend precious time sifting through applicants who are in fact using the scattergun approach for their job seeking. You don’t want these.

  • Hiring Managers Don’t Become Disillusioned with the Process

When you use the scattergun approach, hiring managers can become disillusioned with the process – so many poor-quality candidates wasting so much valuable time.

With a laser-guided missile, you target talent that is available, backed with credible credentials, qualifications, and references.

  • Less Management Time Needed to Screen and Interview Candidates

The hard work has happened at the beginning of the process, filtering through only suitable and talented candidates to the screening and interview stages. This frees up your management, leaving them to do what they do best.

  • Hires Tend to Be Higher-Quality and Long-Term

Quality – not quantity. That, once again, is the name of a successful hiring game. With a laser-focused approach, you’re discovering talent that is going to bring your business benefits immediately and well into the future.

Staff retention is critical to financial growth, reputation, and stability for your workforce. Finding the right person for the job long-term – and not just as a quick fix – is essential, and one of the biggest benefits of putting expertise into a targeted hiring strategy.

Execute a Laser-Guided Approach to Recruitment with Precision Personnel

You now understand why a laser-focused hiring strategy is critical to a successful hire. The secret to success is unlocking the expertise you need to execute this process seamlessly and with precision.

At Precision Personnel, we have a nationwide network of deep connections across the entire aerospace industry. A vigorous screening and vetting policy mean every candidate you interview has already proven their excellence in their field. Each candidate we present to you is likely to be an exceptionally good fit for your role and company.

We provide an extraordinarily responsive, award-winning service that ensures you no longer need use the scattergun approach in desperation for talent.

Partner with expertise and commitment for quality contract and direct hiring needs. Contact us at Precision Personnel today.

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